its sounds weird, but I had the chance to get some real good friend over to London recently from Paris and I had this really good time with them, talking about the past, about our common recollection of the past. But more than anything else, we always have one subject in common….

Guess what, as not any other country on earth I must say french people seriously have issues with their relation with food in general. Mostly coming from education, you can’t stop french people talking about food. After 20 minutes chatting with french mate…you obviously talk about the last meal they had or the last restaurant they did enjoy. Not only enjoy though, sometime criticism as well (as french always complain, this is a fact).

So my friend come up with this very clever idea.

To give you a bit of background on myself. I’ve been educated in food. Indeed my parents, back in Paris, used to run a restaurant for 24 years (it’s closed now). And my grand and large old family use to run even more restaurants. Moreover, I’ve learn how to cook. Not that I would have taken over my parents restaurant, nevertheless, I enjoy myself hosting people for diner and make them happy around a “diner almost perfect*”

My Parents met together in a restaurant…..and I always like to enjoy time in restaurants in general……so do you see what I mean there??

no no no…..this would be too easy….I’ll not be part of this group of cooking monster overfeeding you of new cooking recipes and technical tips to succeed the perfect “soufflé” in your tiny kitchen.

NO NO NO, this will be more than that. But I’ve to explain here. I had the chance (and still have) to work in a quite wealthy industry and therefore had the advantage to go to most of the best places in the world. Some of the “pearl” food empire than the earth can create.

And there comes the idea and the combination….. without being arrogant or “pédant**”…I love food (this is just a fact) and I love cooking, and I love spending time enjoying diners….so I would share, in a different way, the delicacy, the pleasure, the flavor and the “brilliant” that I’ve experienced in my last few years, and will give you my best souvenirs of some places around the world where you can….if you want…..compare, agree, dislike, exchange, memories or moments of pleasure around a table and some “flavory” excitements.

So I’ll try to give you the best moment of each one, most from memories, some more recent, and some just “carpe diem” ….but from Alain Ducasse in Paris to Joel Robuchon or some crazy places in Sydney or Singapore…..I’ll try to make my best to describe the experience and the moments, just to try to push you to get the same and put a grin on your face for few hours.

Enjoy the blog

and enjoy life…. ;o)

*this title is the literal translation of “come dine with me” from french tv version to uk equivalent.

** eng = prig [n]  a person regarded as arrogant and annoying


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